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Outdoor Blinds & Awnings 

eZip Track Blind

Looking for the ultimate way to bring the outdoors in? Whether you want to shield the weather for the ideal outdoor kitchen, enclose the pergola or create your own alfresco courtyard, eZIP® track blinds are the perfect solution.

Designed to perform in the harsh Australian environment, eZIP®’s robust high density aluminium frame has exceptional built in flex resistance to ensure problem free blind motion.

With its patented multi-direction tension setting, eZIP® track blinds always look good with optimal blind alignment for a taut blind fabric result that compliments any outdoor setting.

With a slim and sleek fully enclosed 135mm square pelmet headbox in premium extruded aluminium, eZIP® is the compliment to modern linear design trends.

Folding Arm Awnings 

Folding Arm Awnings are the perfect blind for increasing your outdoor living space and are available in a range of contemporary colours to coordinate with any home style.

These Awnings are most suitable for applications where sun protection is required without the obstructions of posts and beams. Folding Arm Awnings complement decks, patios and courtyards to form beautiful and functional areas.

IMG_7396 2.jpg

Auto Awnings

Automatic Awnings are a popular outdoor blind for traditional homes offering brilliant sun protection.

These Awnings are highly effective and most suitable for ground level window applications. Automatic Awnings fix to the wall and when in the dropped position allow airflow between the fabric and window.

Due to the angled projection of Automatic Awnings the hot sun is kept further from the façade and the window is able to be opened. When retracted the fabric is protected year round by a hood or cassette in a range of Colorbond colours.



Instantly transform your space to create a sense of seclusion and sanctuary. You’ll spend more time enjoying life outdoors with family and friends.

Wire Guide

Wire Guide Awnings are a cost effective outdoor blind to achieve that contemporary look.

These wire guide awnings are suitable for expansive windows and outdoor areas that require sun protection and privacy.

The benefit of the wire guide system, is that it allows the blind to be dropped to any particular height without it moving in a breeze. The stainless steel cable and fittings are corrosion resistant and tie in well with stainless wire balustrading.These awnings can be crank operated or motorised to meet any homes needs.


Strap Down Awnings

Strap Down Awnings are the perfect product selection if posts or pillars are not available for the installation of guides.

Strap Down Awnings reduce heat and glare and can be locked into position with clips or straps. With a huge range of fabric styles and colours available, these affordable outdoor blinds create functional and enjoyable spaces.

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