FORTE - Aluminium Core Poly Plantation Shutters


Great Value - Simple Solution

Long lasting water proof product. Giving you the precision of synthetic materials with the beauty, character and elegance of a traditional plantation shutter.

Featuring an aluminium core structure with a 20 year warranty and consistent paint finish giving you an environmentally friendly and long lasting finish with a 5 year warranty.


Use internal window shutters to provide privacy. Internal shutters also allow you to control the amount of light that is filtered into a room putting you in control.

Ultra20 Plantation Shutters blend the strength and stability of man-made materials with the beauty, character and elegance of real wood. Ultra20 shutters are reinforced with aluminium inserts for strength and are built to endure harsh Australian conditions. These plantation shutters are 100% recyclable making them environmentally friendly, termite resistant, fire retardant and moisture resistant making them ideal for interior wet areas and safe around kids.

In fact, this tough product is so long-wearing that we offer a 20-year warranty!

Interior Shutters


External Shutters


Vueline Aluminium shutters can have fixed or operable blades. Aluminium is designed to be a functional, modern and long lasting. These Vueline shutters and screens are low maintenance, durable and provide added security making them a great long term investment for residential or commercial property.


Aluminium shutters are a great outdoor solution for fencing, privacy screens, pergolas, carports, window screens, balconies, verandahs, courtyards and facades. 


They come in a wide range of standard colours, woodgrain finishes and custom colours.