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Roller Blinds are the ideal solution for all window types. Pull them down for privacy, or roll them up and they virtually disappear from your window.

Over 30% of unwanted heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer takes place through windows. Roller Blinds are now one of the most functional ways of managing heat and light, they can provide a total block out solution with a cassette and side channels.

GC Screens & Blinds offer an array of plain, textured, light filtering and sunscreen fabrics. Our Roller Blinds come standard with a chain control but can be motorised allowing you to lift or lower your blinds at the touch of a button, or why not say " Hey Google, open my blinds"

Roller Blinds

Duo Roller Blinds

Have more options to control the amount of light in your room.  

Duo Roller Blinds allow two individual blinds to sit one behind the other in the same opening. Pairing a light-filtering or sunscreen fabric blind with a blockout blind allows softened light during the day while providing room darkening at night.   

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